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Late abstract submission is open until August 31!

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Call for Abstracts

**LATE ABSTRACT SUBMISSION is open until August 31! The late submitted abstracts will however not be included in the printed Book of Abstracts, but only in the mobile app. An update of the electronic Book of Abstracts (PDF file) will be made after the symposium**

All participants are invited to register and submit abstracts of scientific communications which will be peer-reviewed by the International Organising Committee and published in the electronic book of abstracts (PDF & mobile app). The printed version of the book can be ordered when registering online for the Symposium (18,00€ fee). Please note that your registration is required to submit abstracts, but payment is not mandatory at this stage. However, accepted summaries will be published in the book of abstracts only after full payment of the registration fee.

Participants wishing to contribute with an oral communication or a poster should submit their abstract by March 28, 2018, 24:00 CET. Abstracts for posters can still be submitted after March 28 and until June 20, 2018, but with a handling fee of 50,00 €. All abstracts should be submitted via the abstract submission tool available on this website.

The preference between oral communication or poster presentation should be indicated by the applicant during the submission process. Out of the submitted proposals, about 35 oral communications will be selected by the International Organising Committee. The selection of the Oral Communications will be announced around mid-May 2018.

Submission Guidelines

Abstracts must be submitted via the Abstract Submission tool available under the Registration menu on this website. Please note that your registration is required to submit abstracts, but payment is not mandatory at this stage. However, accepted summaries will only be published in the book of abstracts of the symposium after full payment of the registration fee.

In order to submit your abstract, select “Abstract submission” under the “Registration” menu. Log in using your registration number (received upon registration) as well as your e-mail address. Select “Abstract Submission” and “Add”.

  • Paste the title of your abstract in upper cases in the field “Subject”.
  • Select whether you agree to be selected for an oral communication (if applicable) [Save].
  • Select one Main category for your abstract (mandatory) as well as one or more Secondary categories (optional).
  • Under “Authors”, add the number of authors and click on [Add authors]. Fill in each author’s firstname and lastname and tick the box for the main author. If no author is ticked, the submitter will automatically be selected as main author.
  • Add the author’s full address(es) under “Author’s affiliations and addresses”. If several addresses are used, please add reference numbers between brackets at the end of each author’s name to refer to the corresponding author’s affiliation.
  • Paste your abstract text in the field “Abstract content” (text only).
  • To insert a picture, place your cursor into the text where a picture should appear and click on [Insert Image tag]. You can use several images.
  • Under “Pictures”, add the number of images to be inserted and click on [Add files]. Browse your computer to attach the right images. (Please note that if the image is too large, it will be reduced to the A4 page size. If the image is smaller, it will keep its size. Please make sure the image quality is 300 dpi).
  • Under “References”, add the number of references and click on [Add references]. Fill in the number of the references and the reference texts.
  • A temporary number (TempXX) is assigned to your abstract for communication purposes. Please be aware that the definitive Poster or OC number will be communicated in your last information e-mail 1 week before the event.
  • Click on [submit/edit].
  • Click on “PDF preview” to check the result. Please note that the abstract should be one page maximum. Therefore, only the first page on the preview will be taken into account. If the preview shows more than one page, please adapt your page accordingly so that it fits into one page.
  • You can update your abstract if necessary and submit/edit or preview as many times as needed. It will not re-create a new abstract but just update it.

The pdf will be inserted in the book of abstract as shown on the preview. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to fill in all data correctly and completely. Any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific fact will be reproduced as typed by the author.

You can have access to your poster via the website and make changes to it, until submission deadline, by using your registration number and email address as indicated at registration.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

Posterboards will be located in the Steklena Hall and the Marmorna Hall (Exhibition Hall). All posters will remain displayed during the 2 poster sessions, but presentations will take place according to the following schedule:

  • Poster Session 1: Monday, September 3 - from 17:35 to 19:30 - posters with even numbers
  • Poster Session 2: Tuesday, September 4 - from 16:45 to 18:45 - posters with odd numbers

Posters should be set up by the presenter. Mounting stickers will be available in your welcome envelope. Posters should be size A0, portrait format oriented (no landscape), height 118,9 cm x width 84,1 cm. Posters which have not been removed by the end of the day on Wednesday, September 5 will be removed and disposed of by the symposium staff.

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