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List of Sessions

This year the sessions are grouped in 3 different themes:
1. Chemical Biology
2. Technologies 
3. Therapeutic Areas

In addition, the programme contains three open sessions : First Time Disclosures, Emerging Topics and Late Breaking News. For these sessions, the talks will be selected from the submitted abstracts.

For most of the below topics, a slot in the programme will be available for an oral communication selected out of the submitted abstracts.

Chemical Biology

  • Chemical Biology Approaches to Target Identification
    Session Chair: Prof. Herbert Waldmann, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology, Germany

  • Enzyme Activators and Positive Allosteric Modulators
    Session Chair: Prof. Joachim Mittendorf, Bayer, Germany

  • Glycans in Medicinal Chemistry: Carbohydrate-Based Vaccines (EuChemS Session)
    Session Chair: Dr Sonsoles Martín-Santamaría, Biological Research Center, Spain

  • Recent Advances in Targeted Protein Degradation
    Session Chair: Dr Gregory Hollingworth, Novartis, Switzerland
  • Recent Developments in Kinase Inhibitors
    Session Chair: Prof. Stefan Laufer, University Tübingen, Germany

  • Targeting the STING Pathway (Stimulator of Interferon Genes)
    Session Chair: Dr Thorsten Oost, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Germany

  • The Spingosine-1-Phosphate Axis: Therapeutic Potential in Inflammation, Cancer, and More (ACSMEDI Session)
    Session Chair: Dr Tony Lee, Gilead Sciences, United States


  • Artificial Intelligence Applications in Medicinal Chemistry
    Session Chair: Dr Jonas Boström, AstraZeneca, Sweden

  • Development of New Synthetic Methodologies for Drug Discovery (CPA Session)
    Session Chair: Dr Mingqiang Zhang, Amgen, China

  • Expanding Medicinal Chemists’ Synthetic Toolbox
    Session Chair: Prof. György Miklós Keseru, Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungary

  • New Chemical Modalities in Medicinal Chemistry
    Session Chair: Dr Eric Valeur, AstraZeneca, Sweden

  • PET Imaging as a Tool in for in Vivo Drug Evaluation and Development (EANM Session)
    Session Chair: Dr Antony Gee, King's College London, United Kingdom

  • Recent Developments in Nucleoside Medicinal Chemistry
    Session Chair: Dr Jared Cumming, Merck, Sharp & Dohme, United States

  • Timing is Everything: Target Binding Kinetics and Pharmacokinetics
    Session Chair: Prof. Ad Ijzerman, University of Leiden, The Netherlands

Therapeutic Areas

  • Addressing Infectious Diseases in the Developing Countries (AFMC Session)
    Session Chair: Dr Renate Griffith, UNSW Australia, Australia

  • Breakthroughs in Polypharmacology Towards Neurological Disorders (ACSMEDI Session)
    Session Chair: Prof. Maria Laura Bolognesi, University of Bologna, Italy

  • Cardiometabolic Diseases
    Session Chair: Dr Søren Tullin, Novo Nordisk, Denmark

  • Immuno-Oncology: Novel Therapeutic Opportunities
    Session Chair: Dr Luc Van Hijfte, SCT & Mercachem-Syncom Group, The Netherlands

  • Inflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases
    Session Chair: Prof. Stanislav Gobec, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Life Science at the Interface of Agro and Pharma
    Session Chair: Dr Franz von Nussbaum, Bayer SAS, France

  • Targeting Aggregated Proteins in Neurodegenerative Diseases with Small Molecules
    Session Chair: Dr Laurent Provins, UCB, Belgium

  • Upcoming Treatment for NASH and Other Fibrotic Diseases
    Session Chair: Prof. Roberto Pellicciari, TES Pharma, Italy

Open Sessions (selected from submitted abstracts)

  • First Time Disclosures
    Session Chair to be announced

  • Emerging Topics
    Session Chair to be announced

  • Late Breaking News
    Session Chair to be announced

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