EFMC-ISMC 2018 will take place at:

Gospodarsko razstavišče - Exhibition and Convention Centre
Dunajska cesta 18
1000 Ljubljana


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The GR-Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre is in the very centre of Ljubljana. Railway and bus stations are in the area and The Jože Pu nik Ljubljana international airport is in Brnik, which is only 23 kilometres distant from the city.

  • By air

All flights to and from Ljubljana are operated through the Ljubljana Jože Pu nik Airport, which is located at 25 km from the city centre and can be reached within a 20-minute ride.

More information on scheduled flights is available at www.lju-airport.si.

Ljubljana is also close to several other airports served by various budget airlines. Distances from the neighbouring airports to Ljubljana by road:

Graz Airport, Austria: 187 km
Klagenfurt Airport, Austria: 85 km 
Zagreb Airport, Croatia: 140 km
Trieste Airport, Italy: 130 km
Venice Airport, Italy 230 km

  • By rail

Modern comfortable trains serve the capital as well as almost every important tourist destination in Slovenia. Railway connections from Ljubljana to the major cities across the borders are often operated by intercity trains. There are good connections to neighbouring countries as direct train services connect Ljubljana/Slovenia with Austria, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Serbia, etc.

Railway travel is convenient and inexpensive.

Information on international timetables is available from this website of Slovenian Railways

  • By road

Slovenia’s road network has been modernised over the past decade as to provide an efficient road system, improve road safety, and ensure wider European integration. 

The construction of the motorway cross is nearly completed and the access from the border crossings with Italy, Austria and Hungary towards Ljubljana is swift. Motorways are complemented by a good network of main roads and regional roads.

Ljubljana is located at the crossroads of the country's most important road routes.

 Road connections

- from Villach (Austria): E651
- from Klagenfurt (Austria): E652 or E61
- from Graz (Austria): E57 or E59
- from Trieste (Italy): E61 or E70
- from Zagreb (Croatia): E70
- from Budapest (Hungary): E57 or E71

  • Arriving in Ljubljana

The public city bus network makes it easy to travel within the city. Close to 30 bus lines, which run according to regular schedules throughout the day, are complemented by suburban buses, which link Ljubljana to its close surroundings. A smart card, Urbana, has to be purchased before use of public transport.  It is also convenient to travel by bus to reach other localities around the country. 

Ljubljana also has a well-organised taxi service, which is not exceedingly expensive. There are fixed spots in the city where taxis are stationed, or they can be ordered by telephone.

In 2011 a self service bike system – BicikeLJ has been introduced in Ljubljana.

  • GPS Coordinate

N 46° 03' 40,70"
E 14° 30' 29,50"

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