SPICA 2018

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Main Topics

  • Advances in Preparative Chromatographic Techniques: HPLC, SFC, Liquid-liquid, Membranes
  • Purification by Extraction Techniques and Crystallization
  • Fundamentals of Preparative Chromatography: Materials, Mechanisms and Processes
  • Novel Materials and Stationary Phases
  • Purification of Achiral and Chiral Compounds, Natural Products, Peptides, Proteins, Biomolecules
  • Isolation of Impurities
  • Process Development and Scale-up
  • Continuous and Multicolumn Processes, Multidimensional Chromatography
  • Process Integration and Allied Downstream Technologies
  • Process Modelling, Control, and Automation
  • High Throughput Separations (HPLC, SFC)
  • Economic and Regulatory Aspects

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