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EFMC-YMCS Presentation Prize sponsored by EFMC & Idorsia

Ms Cassandra LEE FLEMING (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) received the EFMC-YMCS Presentation Prize for her presentation on the "Development of Release-and-Report Kinase Inhibitors as Molecular Tools for Investigating Neurodegenerative Disorders". The prize was awarded by Yves P. Auberson - EFMC President on behalf of the prize sponsors EFMC & Idorsia.

The Presentation Prize covers:

  • An oral communication and free registration for the next EFMC-ASMC'19 Meeting in Athens, Greece on September 1-5, 2019, sponsored by the EFMC
  • A travel grant of up to 1000€ to visit EFMC-ASMC'19, sponsored by Idorsia

EFMC-YMCS Poster Prizes sponsored by MDPI

Ms Martina DURCIK (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) received the EFMC-YMCS Poster Prize for her presentation on "Discovery of Benzothiazole-Based DNA Gyrase and Topoisomerase IV Inhibitors with Broad Spectrum Antibacterial Activity”. The prize was awarded by Tihomir Tomasic on behalf of the prize sponsor MDPI. The Prize consists of a diploma and a 200€ cash prize offered by MDPI.


  Ms Christina Lamers (University of Basel, Switzerland) and Ms Anna Migglautsch (Graz University of Technology, Austria) have been identified and acknowledged as runners-up. The Prize consists of a diploma and a 100€ cash prize offered by MDPI.

EFMC-YMCS Public's Choice Prize sponsored by Roche


  Mr Anthe JANSSEN (Leiden University, The Netherlands) was awarded the EFMC-YMCS Public's Choice Prize for his presentation on "Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of BIA 10-2474: an Irreversible and Aspecific FAAH Inhibitor". The prize, based on the votes of YMCS participants, was awarded by Georg Jaeschke on behalf of the prize sponsor Roche. The Prize consists of a diploma and an iPad.

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