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XXVII EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry

Nice, France

September 4-8, 2022


9th EFMC Young Medicinal Chemists' Symposium

Nice, France

September 8-9, 2022


14th International Conference on Crystal Growth of Organic Materials

Brussels, Belgium

September 11-14, 2022

14th International Symposium on Ionic Polymerization (IP'22)

Ionic polymerizations to develop advanced functional materials

Ghent, Belgium

September 11-16, 2022

23rd EuroQSAR

23rd European Symposium on Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship

Integrative Data-Intensive Approaches to Drug Design

Heidelberg, Germany

September 26-30, 2022

SPICA 2022

18th International Symposium on Preparative and Industrial Chromatography and Allied Techniques

Lisbon, Portugal

October 11-14, 2022

Annual One-Day Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry of SRC & KVCV

Annual One-Day Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry of KVCV & SRC


November 2022

BPG 2022

Annual Meeting of the Belgian Polymer Group

Blankenberge, Belgium

November 14-15, 2022