SPICA 2018

17th International Symposium on Preparative and Industrial Chromatography and Allied Techniques

 Darmstadt, Germany    October 7-10, 2018

In memoriam Joachim Kinkel

Professor Joachim (Jochen) Kinkel died suddenly and unexpectedly on November 23, 2016. The Scientific Committee expresses its gratitude to Joachim Kinkel for his long and active commitment to make SPICA a worldwide highly recognised scientific event. In order to honor Prof. Joachim Kinkel and his scientific achievements, a special 'in memoriam session' will be held during SPICA 2018. The session will be organised and chaired by Dr Michael Schulte.


Joachim (Jochen) Kinkel
Jochen Kinkel

Jochen was a member of the SPICA scientific committee since 1985 and joined already the first conference of the Prep/SPICA series in 1986. Since then he made significant and ongoing scientific contributions to the field of preparative chromatography. Jochen was designated as chairman of SPICA 2018.

Joachim Kinkel started to work on chromatography in the group of Klaus Unger at the University of Mainz where he completed his Ph.D. work on silica materials for the separation of biopolymers in 1984.

Shortly thereafter he joined Merck, where he became a driving force for the introduction of preparative chromatography in the pharmaceutical industry in the late 1980s. He made extensive contributions to several fields of chromatography – from the development of the tentacle principle in protein ion exchange chromatography, to the first use of chiral stationary phases for preparative enantioseparations, and the improvement of stainless steel equipment for large scale systems.

Already during that time he was always willing to share his knowledge and became a recognized lecturer in a multitude of Prep LC-courses. In this way he helped a great number of young researchers to get started with preparative chromatography. 

During Achema 1991, Jochen came into contact with the Separex team around Roger-Marc Nicoud. Jochen was a key player on the Merck side for the foundation of Novasep, at that time a joint venture of Merck, IFP, and Separex. He introduced SMB chromatography at Merck and helped to set-up the first series of SMB systems in the pharmaceutical industry, which led to ground breaking publications and practical work.

In 1995 Joachim Kinkel accepted a professorship for analytical and environmental chemistry at Technische Hochschule Nürnberg. He continued to teach with great emphasis and gave his students deep insights into the practical challenges in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. He made great contributions in many publicly funded German and European projects and was a driver for international academic exchanges of the TH Nürnberg with partner universities in, e.g., Pakistan and New Zealand.

Jochen was always open to new ideas. In recent years he took up the latest technological developments in two-phase extraction as an alternative to chromatography. Again, in this field he was highly interested in the optimization of the systems as well as the mobile phases. He was a strong mentor for this technology also at the SPICA conferences.



*In Memoriam* Session Chair

Michael Schulte


Michael Schulte is Director of Chromatography R&D at Merck KGaA (Darmstadt, Germany). He did is Ph.D. work in the group of Professor Blaschke at the University of Münster (Germany), developing new chiral stationary phases. Since joining Merck in 1995 he has more than 20 years of experience in stationary phase design and process development in preparative chromatography.

Michael Schulte is organiser and chair of the 'in memoriam session' dedicated to the memory of late Joachim Kinkel.

Kinkel Memorial Award

A memorial award honoring Prof. Dr. Kinkel will be given on the last day of the Symposium for the best student oral presentation.