1st Edelris Symposium on Affinity Selection-Mass Spectrometry in Drug Discovery


Indicated times are in CEST timezone.
Confirmed Plenary Speakers (to Date)
Short break
Wednesday 02/06/2021
Session 1
16:00Opening & introduction
Dr Jean-Yves ORTHOLAND (EDELRIS, Lyon, France)
Dr Allen ANNIS (AILERON THERAPEUTICS, Cambridge, United States)
16:10Targeting RNA With Small Molecules Using Affinity-Selection Mass Spectrometry (KL01)
Dr Elliott B. NICKBARG
(MERCK & CO., INC., Boston, United States)
16:55Discovery of Bioactive Natural Products Using Affinity Selection-Mass Spectrometry (PL01)
Prof. Richard VAN BREEMEN
(OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY, Corvallis, United States)
17:30Short break
17:40Accelerating Drug Discovery with the Integration of Affinity Selection Mass Spectrometry (PL02)
Dr Damian HOUDE
(RELAY THERAPEUTICS, Cambridge, United States)
18:15Fishing from an Exclusive Pond Using AS-MS (PL03)
Dr Didier ROCHE
(EDELRIS, Lyon, France)
18:30Closing remarks Day 1
Thursday 03/06/2021
Session 2
16:00Opening remarks
Dr Didier ROCHE
(EDELRIS, Lyon, France)
16:05Adapting the AS-MS Technology to GPCR Ligand Discovery (PL04)
Prof. Wenqing SHUI
16:40Lessons Learned from Pfizer’s Experience in utilizing Affinity Selection by Mass Spectrometry for Hit Identification (PL05)
Dr Matthew D. TROUTMAN
(PFIZER, Groton, United States)
17:15Short break
17:25MALDI-TOF AS-MS – a Viable Alternative for LC-MS-based Workflows? (PL06)
Dr Roman SIMON
18:00Closing remarks & end of the conference

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