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1) New Opportunities for Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases

  • Exploring novel pathways for the next generation drugs
  • Non-small molecule approaches in metabolic & cardiovascular disorders

2) New Breakthroughs in GPCR Structure, Function and their Impact on Drug Discovery

  • Exploring GPCR heterodimers as a source of drugs
  • New biophysics developments in GPCR structure and function

3) New Modalities for Challenging Targets in Drug Discovery

  • Exploring novel chemical space: scaffolds inspired by nature, conjugates, alternative scaffolds, oligonucleotides, macrocyclics and constrained peptides
  • Tackling biological targets from different angles: protein degradation (PROTAC)

4) Chemical Biology in Drug Discovery: Visualizing Biological Processes

  • Imaging biological targets and cellular processes
  • Probing biological systems with small molecules

5) Tackling Challenges in Drug Delivery and Formulation

  • Making the insoluble soluble
  • Novel solutions to stabilize & deliver peptides/proteins

6) Case Studies: from Target Validation to Novel Drugs (all therapeutic areas included)

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