EFMC-ISMC Virtual Event 2020

Virtual Exhibition

Meet the Exhibitors during their individual Exhibitor Zoom Meetings on Monday Sept. 7 and Tuesday Sept. 8! The meetings are scheduled before the start of the Scientific Sessions. Check the complete schedule here or access directly via the below Zoom links!

Asynt. Laboratory equipment, chemistry supplies, scientific tools & consumables provider.

BioSolveIT. Visualizes drug discovery with its fast and easy-to-use software, enabling every chemist to advance their research.

Charnwood Molecular. An award-winning CRO, providing collaborative medicinal and synthetic chemistry support, from discovery through to preclinical development.

Chemical Computing Group. Leading developer and provider of Molecular Modeling, Molecular Simulations, Machine Learning and BioInformatics software.

Collaborative Drug Discovery. A web-based database solution for managing drug discovery data.

Enamine. Leading provider of small molecules and drug discovery services.

EU-OPENSCREEN. Integrates high-capacity screening platforms throughout Europe.

Eurofins Advinus. A premier preclinical and development stage contract research organisation.

Fidelta. Fully integrated drug discovery CRO with extensive experience in infection and inflammation including fibrosis.

Fluorochem. Intermediate supplier for research and development.

GalChimia. A reference in chemical synthesis, providing Discovery, Process, and Analytical chemistry services to clients worldwide.

GVK Bio. India's leading Contract Research & Development Organization (CRDO) which offers pharma solutions and preclinical development.

Iktos. French start-up company which applies artificial intelligence to de novo drug design and retrosynthetic analysis.

Instruct-ERIC. A pan-European research infrastructure in structural biology, making high-end technologies and methods available to all European researchers.

Key Organics. A leading global provider in the supply of high quality chemical products and contract services to the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and biotechnology sectors.

MercachemSyncom. The leading mid-sized European drug-discovery contract research organization. We go further to unlock new potential.

Merck. A leading science and technology company, operates across healthcare, life science and performance materials.

Mestrelab Research. A software development company focused on the development and supply of high quality software for Analytical Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry data management.

NovAliX. A drug discovery focused CRO with two decades of excellence in chemistry and biophysics serving clients across the globe.

Schrödinger. A leading provider of advanced molecular simulations and enterprise software solutions.

Spirochem. A Swiss fine chemicals company specialized in the design, synthesis, production, and commercialization of novel building blocks for use in drug discovery.

Synple Chem. Provides new automated synthesizers using revolutionary reagent capsules to make the synthesis of molecules faster and more efficient.

Taros. German chemistry CRO for integrated drug discovery chemistry services from target validation, hit identification, lead optimization to clinical candidate selection.

Torx Software. Provider of a platform for small molecule discovery chemistry, enabling medicinal and synthetic chemists to make better design decisions and track compound synthesis with ease.

UBE Industries. A Japanese chemical company offering a large range of fluorine agents for pharmaceutical industry from small to large production scale.

WuXi AppTec. Provides R&D & manufacturing services enabling companies in the pharmaceutical & biotech industries worldwide to advance discoveries.

We thank the EFMC-ISMC 2021 Sponsors for their support!

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