Short Course on Hyphenated Techniques in Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

Preliminary Programme

08:30 Session 1
  Introduction and Fundamentals
  Prof. K Broeckhoven (VUB, Belgium)
09:45 Session 2
  Selectivity and Retention Mechanisms in SFC
  Prof. C. West (University of Orleans, France)
10:55 Coffee break
11:15 Session 3
  SFC in Pharmaceutical Analysis
  Prof. D. Guilllarme (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
12:25 Lunch break
13:30 Session 4
  Possibilities and Limitations of the Hyphenation of SFC with Mass Spectrometry
  Prof. J. Langley (University of Southampton, United Kindgom)
14:40 Session 5
  Multidimensional Hyphenation of SFC and SFC-MS
  Dr I. François (Waters Corporation, United States)
15:50 Coffee break
16:10 Multidimensional Separation with SFC and wrap up
  Prof. F. Lynen (UGent, Belgium)
17:00 Closure of the short course

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