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Main Topics

Innovative approaches in catalyst preparation for specific performance

-   Air and water depollution processes
-   Biomass conversion and biorefinery processes
-   Petroleum refinery, petrochemistry and natural gas conversion
-   Green chemicals and fine chemicals
-   Electrocatalytic and photocatalytic processes
-   Artificial photosynthesis

Advanced preparations of catalysts and supports

-   MOFs, COFs, PMOs, zeolites and ordered mesoporous materials
-   Hierarchical materials
-   Clays and layered catalysts
-   Heterogenized homogeneous catalysts
-   Nanotubes, nanofibers and nanoparticles
-   Immobilised enzymes
-   Hybrid and composite catalysts
-   Solid chiral catalysts
-   Aerogels, xerogels and foams
-   Core shell and egg shell structures
-   Thin film and membrane catalysts

Key concepts and tools in catalyst preparation

-   Upscaling and downscaling
-   Shaping and structuring
-   Rejuvenation of spent catalysts
-   Eco-friendly catalyst preparation
-   Biomimicking and biomorphism
-   Surfactant and template assisted preparations
-   Mechanochemical preparations
-   Flame and combustion synthesis
-   Preparations using ultrasound and electromagnetic radiation
-   Plasma assisted preparations
-   Synthesis in supercritical conditions
-   Photo- and electrodeposition
-   Atomic layer deposition
-   High-throughput and robotic approaches
-   In-situ spectroscopies, imaging
-   Numerical and theoretical approaches in catalyst preparation
The main topics given are not exclusive, but aim at inspiring contributors.

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