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Main Topics

  1. Fundamental Strategies for the Hyphenation of Contemporary Chromatographic and other Separation Techniques with Sample Preparation and Advanced Detection Systems
  2. Emerging Detection Strategies Compatible with Current Separation Techniques
  3. The Marriage of Hyphenated Techniques with Process Analytical Technology
  4. Novel Multi-Dimensional Separation Techniques
  5. Biological Sample Preparation for Clinical and Forensic Applications (RSC)
  6. Hyphenated Separations for Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutical Analysis (RSC)
  7. Hyphenation in Quantitative Chromatography (RSC)
  8. Relevance in Food Science, including the Analysis of Contaminants and Residues
  9. Green Chromatography including Environmental Science
  10. Clinical and/or Forensic Applications
  11. Combination with Chemometrics and Data-analysis
  12. Applications in the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
  13. Hyphenated Techniques for Natural Products, Flavours and Fragrance Analysis
  14. Applicability in “Omics” (Metabolomics, Proteomics, Lipidomics, …)
  15. Hyphenated Techniques and Polymer Analysis

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