2nd NovAliX Conference - Biophysics in Drug Discovery 2015

2013 Testimonials

On this page you can find the feed-back received by some of the participants of the 1st NovAliX Conference which took place in October 2013:

  • Helena Danielson (Uppsala University, Sweden) - plenary speaker in 2013
    "The ’Biophysics in Drug Discovery’ conference in Strasbourg in 2013 was a terrific initiative and a success. It focused on an important topic and created a good forum for the scientific community to discuss and exchange ideas. I am looking forward to a follow-up of this conference."

  • David Swinney (IRND3, United States) - keynote speaker in 2013
    "I thought the 2013 symposium had great content, was well organised and was in a beautiful location"

  • Takaaki Miura (Chugai Pharmaceutical, Japan) - session chair in 2013
    "I highly recommend attending or participating in this conference, which covers information related to biophysical methods applicable to the characterization of molecular interactions. The conference mainly focused on the practical aspects of applying these biophysical methods in drug discovery, specifically for small molecules. Integrating biophysical methods in drug discovery has become quite common and provides valuable information, such as validating the binding specificity or mode and the binding kinetics. General experience has also made it quite clear that we need to apply different methods to pick up the right compounds from screening and to fully characterize ligand binding. In addition, the field is evolving very quickly, with a number of new instruments based on different biophysical principles or on the same principles with different formats. Keeping up with the field is sometimes overwhelmingly tough, especially because there has been no single conference or symposium that deals with all the different kinds of information. The NovAlix conference solves this problem. In the NovAlix conference 2013, I learned how the top companies applied the methods in drug discovery programs and what kind of new instruments were out on the market. I had expected to learn how binding kinetic information is related to compound structure and how kinetic information is utilized in compound optimization or pharmacodynamics/kinetics. Regarding this area, more data and thorough interpretation is required, and I hope we can hear more about this in future meetings."

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