+Composites International Forum

The B2B Forum for Composites Professionals

 Luxembourg    December 6, 2012

The +Composites team looks forward to welcoming you to their 2012 International Forum, a free of charge informative day of presentations, workshops and business meetings.

+Composites is a project that brings together competence centers from six regions of North-West Europe (NWE) to reinforce innovation and technology transfer in composite materials among companies through training, networking and market watch activities.

On December 6, 2012, Luxembourg will play host to the +Composites International Forum. Organised by the +Composites team, this one day event is dedicated to knowledge transfer in the design, application and recycling of composite materials in the transportation (automotive, locomotive and aeronautic) and equipment goods sectors.

Testimonials and Case Studies from Industry Leaders

This event will give entrepreneurs, research and innovation professionals and materials engineers the opportunity to hear testimonials and case studies from senior executives of leading international companies on the growing importance of composite materials in their development programmes.

Practical Workshops and Presentations

Through thematic workshops and presentations on the advantages and challenges linked to the use of these materials, equipment manufacturers and research centres will share their practical experience on a number of topics related to composite materials including

• their design
• the development of the organic sector
• their implementation
• compliance with regulations
• quality control
• their life cycle

One-to-one Business Meetings

Interested in meeting potential partners or launching an innovative new project? Then be sure to sign up for the one-to-one business meetings that will be organised throughout the day.

Practical information

The main language of the +Composites International Forum 2012 is English, with simultaneous translation in German and French. Please note that only the home page is translated into German and French.

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