6th EFMC Short Course on Medicinal Chemistry - Fall 2012

Improving Compound Quality: Physical Chemistry and DMPK Properties in Drug Discovery.
Principles, Assays and Predictions

 Castle "Oud Poelgeest", Oegstgeest, The Netherlands    October 21-24, 2012

In 2009, EFMC launched a series of short courses aimed to favour cultural and scientific growth of the medicinal chemistry community and organised with affordable fees for participation. Topic of the†6th Course†will be "Improving Compound Quality: Physical Chemistry and DMPK Properties in Drug Discovery. Principles, Assays and Predictions".

This intensive course is intended for scientists working in the field, and the presentations will be given by senior scientists†from industry. The number of participants will be limited to 35, to favour in depth discussion. Should the number of applications exceed the maximum, preference will be given to applicants from EFMC adhering countries and employees of EFMC corporate members. Upon special request to the organizers (only based on financial conditions and supported by an argued recommendation of the head of the department of the applicant) a limited number (maximum 3) applicants from academia may be admitted at a reduced fee.

Course Outline

In modern drug discovery, it is important that the Medicinal Chemist understands how to balance potency and ADME properties in order to provide high quality compounds for progression to clinical studies. This short course will be a mixture of talks and worked exercises designed to further the understanding of DMPK. The course will include: Outlines of the key DMPK in vitro assays: physicochemistry for ADME; Oral drug absorption; Fundamentals of drug distribution; drug metabolizing enzymes; drug transport proteins; basic PK principles and human PK prediction; PKPD relationships.

To read the full description of the course, please follow this link.

Course Organisers

Kevin Beaumont (Pfizer, US)
Henk Timmerman (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

We still have a few places available for the 6th EFMC Short Course! Register in the coming days to assure your place.