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Scientific Conference Producers

Lille and the Faculty of Pharmacy will be hosting the 43rd edition of RICT between 4th and 6th July 2007. At this conference all aspects of medicinal chemistry will be highlighted in 7 sessions focussed on the key stages of modern drug discovery as well as some of both the technologies and issues which make this such a fascinating and challenging endeavour.

To acknowledge the openmindness and creativity necessary in this discipline, a session will be devoted to non classical experiences, breaching the paradigms of drug discovery while 5 drug discovery case histories by successful project leaders from industry will highlight some of the successes. In parallel, several workshops and training sessions will be organised on technical aspects of medicinal chemistry.

Last but not least, for a symbolic sum of 15,- , students at pre-PhD level will be granted access to the complete symposium programme and are especially invited to participate in the careers fair organised on Thursday, 5th July 2007.

Lille is located at the centre of North-Western Europe, is an exciting and historic city with an architecture, history and culture from the past millennium. The city easy to reach being only 40mn from Brussels (Thalys), 1h from Paris (TGV), 3h10 from Lyon (RGV), 1h40 from London (Eurostar) and is connected to 10 destinations by direct flights and located at the crossroads of 6 motorways.