8th EFMC-YSN MedChemBioOnline

Validating Chemical Probes

 Virtual Event    September 28, 2021

Best Practices in Medicinal Chemistry: Validating Chemical Probes

In the rapidly evolving field of medicinal chemistry and chemical biology, there are only few opportunities to share best practices among industry and academic practitioners. We can of course learn from case studies presented at conferences but wouldn’t it be great to also have material covering more general concepts? Following the initiative of Jean Quancard, the EFMC assembled a team of experienced practitioners from industry and academia to address these exciting challenge.

Dedicated to the challenges of validating chemical probes, the first topic contains a set of slides with the best practices, as well as case studies

They are also available as webinars for you to watch on the EFMC YouTube channel.

You can also disover their other series on the EFMC Website