5th NovAliX Conference

Biophysics in Drug Discovery 2018

Developing the Synergy between Biophysics and Medicinal Chemistry to Deliver Better Drugs

 Boston, USA    June 13-15, 2018


Take the opportunity of your participation in the NovAliX conference in order to discover more about Boston!

Boston is the largest city in New England, the capital of the state of Massachusetts, and one of the most historic, wealthy and influential cities in the United States of America. Its plethora of museums, historical sights, and wealth of live performances, all explain why the city gets 16.3 million visitors a year, making it one of the ten most popular tourist locations in the country.

Away from the classic American metropolis where glass and cement abound, Boston is very similar to an European city with old architecture and smaller spaces.

What do not miss in Boston: 

Copley Square            Public garden             

Copley Square                                         Boston Public Garden  

Freedom Trail           

Freedom Trail                                         North End

Harvard and MIT                Museum of Fine Arts

Harvard and MIT                                      Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Further information about the City, its monuments and much more can be found on Visiting Boston and Lonely Planet Guide.