3rd NovAliX Conference

Biophysics in Drug Discovery 2016

Developing the Synergy between Biophysics and Medicinal Chemistry to Deliver Better Drugs

 Strasbourg, France    June 7-10, 2016

Biodesy, Inc.

Biodesy has developed a revolutionary platform that enables the detection and measurement of molecular conformational changes in solution, in real-time, and at high throughput.  The Biodesy™ Delta System utilizes a highly sensitive optical phenomenon called second harmonic generation and is being used to study a wide range of proteins.


BioSolveIT visualizes ΔG for you - we also help you in MedChem, StructuralBiology, and CompChem to see conformational problems, do FBLD, plus all of SBDD and LBLD. You will get playful guidance in L.O., and access to a variety of Optibrium's ADME(T) predictions. Our offering is completed by a service division that takes the computational technicalities off your shoulders.

Bruker BioSpin

Bruker Corporation is the global market and technology leader in analytical magnetic resonance instruments including NMR, preclinical MRI and EPR. The Bruker BioSpin Group of companies develop, manufacture and supply technology to research establishments, commercial enterprises and multi-national corporations across countless industries and fields of expertise.


Creoptix WAVE is revolutionizing the study of label-free molecular interactions and changing the world of drug discovery. With a sensitivity superior to SPR, fast kinetics (off-rates of 5/sec) and a disposable microfluidics with crude sample robustness, it’s time to join us to ride the wave of the future in kinetics.

Dynamic Biosensors

Dynamic Biosensors GmbH is a provider of instruments, consumables, and services in the field characterization of biomolecules and molecular interactions. We are located in Martinsried south of Munich, Germany. Our switchSENSE technology is the first biosensor system to allow interaction analysis AND biophysical analyte characterization at the same time.


Among other fields, FEI Company designs, manufactures, and supports microscope technology used in structural biology to reveal the near atomic resolution of complexes that can’t be crystallized.

Horiba Scientific

HORIBA Scientific is a leader in development and production of analytical measurement equipment for research, analysis for laboratories, and quality control. Thanks to our long-standing expertise in advanced materials, HORIBA Scientific developed a full range of instruments to improve our understanding of life, from the molecular to the organism level.

Malvern Instruments

After buying MicroCal, Malvern Instruments has launched a new ITC and offers 4 new devices for characterizing proteins and macromolecules: Viscosizer measuring size and viscosity with nanovolumes and complex media, Archimedes characterizing protein aggregates, Helix, combining Raman and DLS to identify structure changes and Nanosight counting nanoparticles.

Molecular Sensing

Molecular Sensing is commercializing Back-Scattering Interferometry (BSI), the first label-free, conformation-sensitive, free-solution assay technology for biophysical characterization of small molecule interactions with complex drug targets in native-like, free-solution environments. Learn how the TruBind BSI System 100 and Assay Services can accelerate your assay development and screening efforts at www.molsense.com.

NanoTemper Technologies

NanoTemper Technologies stands for strong commitment to quality and high precision instrumentation made in Germany.
The deeply experienced and globally operating team of experts strongly focuses on the user’s benefits by ensuring maximum efficiency for research in Pharmaceutical, Biotech industries and academic basic research setting.
NanoTemper Technologies - the PLUS for your research!


NovAliX is a client-centric organization providing expert-driven innovative outsourcing and insourcing services. Core expertize includes synthetic organic chemistry expertise, FBDD and SBDD. The comprehensive portfolio of biophysical and analytical technologies include: chemical microarray SPR, native MS, NMR, Biacore, ITC as well as strong structural biology expertise based on X-ray crystallography and electronic microscopy.

Sierra Sensors

Sierra Sensors GmbH is a global supplier of real-time, label-free molecular interaction analysis systems.  By combining proprietary microfluidics with high-sensitivity SPR detection and flexible surface chemistry, we provide high-performance analytical instruments for all research levels.  Our systems are ideal for the analysis of proteins, antibodies, DNA/RNA, cells, membranes and small molecules.