RICT 2016

Interfacing Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery

52nd International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry
52èmes Rencontres Internationales de Chimie Thérapeutique

 Caen, Normandy, France    July 6-8, 2016


Capital of the region of Basse-Normandie, Caen is an industrial city and river port on the River Orne.

Caen is the city of William the Conqueror and had a rich architectural heritage, that has been well preserved over the centuries until the Second World War.  After the war the town passed through more than 15 years of reconstruction and, in recent years the town have made further significant efforts  and Caen has now a very attractive historic centre.

The massive and impressive ramparts of the Chateau Ducal, built by William the Conqueror, provide great views of the city and are a popular place to relax as well as to visit the Towers, the Musée des Beaux Arts and the Musée de Normandie which are situated within the ramparts.

Down below the ramparts the main town lies in between the superb Abbaye aux Hommes on one side and the impressive Abbaye aux Dames on the other.

In the northern suburbs of the city stand the War Memorial Museum  particularly dedicated to the World War II. The museum was officially opened on 6 June 1988, on the 44th anniversary of D day.

In the summer Caen's pleasure port is a lively place with lots of cafes and restaurants.