RICT 2015
Drug Discovery and Selection

Understanding Targets and Mechanisms

51st International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry
51èmes Rencontres Internationales de Chimie Thérapeutique

 Avignon, France    July 1-3, 2015

Elsevier Reaxys Workshop

Elsevier will be holding a 90-minutes Workshop on Wednesday July 1 from 11:00 to 12:30. The Workshop will be held in auditorium AT03 and all delegates are invited to join!

Data-Driven Approaches to Medicinal Chemistry: How Large-Scale Normalized Data Empowers Drug Discovery

Presented by Dr. Olivier Barberan of the Elsevier Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry team

The understanding that data-driven approaches to medicinal chemistry enable better-informed decisions has changed the way researchers approach drug discovery. However, these approaches depend on the means for dealing with the vast amount of data generated within a given research institute and worldwide. To address the core concerns about data quality, comprehensiveness and comparability, Elsevier created a completely new repository for bioactivity information. Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry stands as a unique source for normalized data on in vitro efficacy, in vivo animal models, compound metabolism, pharmacokinetics and toxicity. This presentation takes a look at how this approach to data supports critical early discovery methods such as in silico screening and target profiling.