FMC 2015

Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry

 Antwerp, Belgium    September 14-16, 2015


Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry 2015 will take place at:

University of Antwerp - City Campus
Aula Rector Dhanis
Kleine Kauwenberg 14
2000 Antwerp

How to get there

The city campus is easily accessible by public transportation.

  • By train
    The Central Station of Antwerp is on a 15 minute walk from the Campus. More information on the timetable is available on

  • By tram or bus
    Various trams and busses pass nearby. The nearest stops are Paardenmarkt/Hessenbrug and Hessenbrug/Italielei. Click here to find out which service numbers cater nearby bus/tramstops. Please also check the website of De Lijn for more information and routes by bus, tram and/or train.

  • By plane
    Via Brussels Airport: Every hour a direct coach service departs from Brussels Airport (Zaventem) to the Central Station of Antwerp. The ride takes about 45 minutes. Click here for more information. Antwerp is also connected with Brussels and its airport by several trains per hour to the Antwerp Central Railway Station. Train schedules can be found on the website of the Belgian railways.

    Via Schiphol Airport: Every hour there is a direct rail connection between Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and the Central Station of Antwerp. The ride takes about 2 hours. Click here for more information.

If you prefer coming by car, we would like to point out that the city campus of the university is located in a red parking zone. You can only park your car at the roadside with a ticket and for no longer than three hours (1st hour: € 1,60 / 2nd hour: + € 2,70 / 3rd hour: + € 3,80). These rates apply between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. from Monday until (and including) Saturday.

There are several public parkings at walking distance: