FMC 2015

Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry

 Antwerp, Belgium    September 14-16, 2015


The following Sessions will be part of the Scientific Programme:

  • Plenary Lectures
    Session Chair: Koen Augustyns (University of Antwerp, Belgium)
  • Molecular Chaperones and their Therapeutic Potential
    Session Chair: Brian Blagg (University of Kansas, United States)
  • Unexplored Chemical Space: Experiences from the European Lead Factory and the NIH Molecular Libraries Programme
    Session Chair: Peter Molenveld (Mercachem, The Netherlands)
  • Emerging Advances in GPCR Research
    Session Chair: Laurent Provins (UCB Biopharma, Belgium)
  • Emerging Topics
    Session Chair: Hans Ulrich Stilz (Novo Nordisk, Denmark)
  • Non-Small Molecules
    Session Chair: Steve Firestine (Wayne State University, United States)
  • Novel Strategies for Anti-Thrombotic Therapy
    Session Chairs: Amy Ripka (WuXi Apptec, Unites States) & Amjad Ali (Merck, United States)
  • Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Ligand Binding
    Session Chair: Laura Heitman (University of Leiden, The Netherlands)
  • Rational Design of Non-Oral Drugs
    Session Chair: Jordi Gràcia (Almirall, Spain)
  • Academic Drug Discovery
    Session Chair: Henk Timmerman (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands)