XXth International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry

 Vienna, Austria, August 31    September 4, 2008


There will be 2 workshop sessions organised during the Symposium on Monday September 1 from 12:30 - 14:00.


Title of the workshop: Cool Tools from Accelrys: Helping to Automate Medicinal Chemistry Everyday Tasks

Medicinal chemists are challenged daily by regular and repetitive tasks. If left unchecked, these can ultimately slow down the discovery cycle, increasing the costs of a project. Time consuming activities can include:

• Registering new compounds
• Selecting reagents for purchase across multiple vendor catalogues
• Collating and reporting activity results from across disparate data sources • Generating and publishing SAR matrices for key lead series
• Testing your next synthesis designs against the computational models

At Accelrys, we are working hard to help automate and streamline these challenges. In this workshop, we will demonstrate a number of software solutions which we have developed and are currently available to address the above.

To register for this workshop, please email Adele Willacy,


Title of the workshop: From ideas to preclinical candidates: MedChem-Driven Drug Discovery at NiKem

We provide innovative solutions to hit validation, lead generation and multi-parametric lead optimization challenges. How?

We focus on medicinal and computational chemistry, in vitro biological and eADMET profiling, and in vivo PK.

We identify better drug candidates faster, likely to succeed in later development, with an unrivalled teamwork attitude.

We provide cost-effective solutions to our European and American clients including big pharma companies, mid cap firms and small biotechs.

Our business models are flexible, and we guarantee full IP ownership to our customers in exchange for “fee for services”, either FTE-based, or project-based, or activity-based. “Risk-sharing”-based compensation models may also be considered, at client’s request.

To register for this workshop, please email Pamela Mariani,