RICT 2023

57th International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry

Drug Discovery and Selection

 Lille, France    July 5-7, 2023


  • Next Generation of Anti-infective Agents
    • Next Generation of Antibiotics Targeting Gram -
    • Next Generation of Anti-TB Drugs
    • Anti-virulence Strategies
    • Targeting Host-pathogen Interactions
    • Feedback from Drug Hunters in Academia and Non-profit Organizations
  • Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Small Molecules for Immunooncology or Autoimmunity 
    • Small Molecules Precision Drugs for Autoimmune Diseases
    • Small Molecule for Immune-oncology
  • New Avenues in Drug Discovery Chemistry
    • New Synthetic Technologies in Drug Discovery Chemistry (Dearomatization, Continuous Flow chemistry, Electrochemistry/photoredox enabling last stage functionalizations or new chemical space)
    • Covalent Inhibitors in Drug Discovery
    • Cell Based Assay for Small Molecules (Covalent Screening, Chemoproteomics/ Chemical biology, CETSA,…)
    • Beyond PROTACS (Glues and small-molecule degraders, LYTAC, RIBOTAC, DUBTAC, etc)
  • New Molecular Landscapes in Drug Discovery
    • Fragment-based Approaches
    • Macrocycles (preferentially non-peptidic)
    • DNA-encoded libraries
    • Bioinspired Compounds
    • Exotic or Neglected Atoms and Functional Groups (Si, P, B, Se, SF5, etc)
  • Case studies in Selected Therapeutic Areas
  • Late-Breaking Topics: First Disclosures of Clinical Candidates